Manu Mayr is a vienna-born bass player, composer & producer.

The exploration and connection of the most diverse sound worlds and their sociotopes can be described as the core of his creative work. In doing so, he deals with the numerous currents of contemporary music creation. From the interpretation of new music to experimental electronics, improvisation, jazz and pop. performing at renowned festivals all over the globe in various contexts as co-leader, solo artist or sideman.
Founding member of: 5K HD, Kompost 3, Gabbeh, schtum, TEARING
Member of: Synesthetic 4, Studio Dan
guest musician at Klangforum Wien, Phace, Bit20 Ensemble Bergen, Nouvelle Ensemble Contemporain and many more

i'm currently teaching "Doublebass - Contemporary Music & Extended Techniques" at university of music and performing arts vienna.
either MA - contact me if you're interested - or focus program for classical doublebass bachelor students.

my discogs profile, near-complete actually

self released solo double bass material (bandcamp)

solo double bass release 202303 (bandcamp via WKDTS)

for spotify users: here's a playlist of streamable music with me playing, producing and or mixing

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mica - music austria database

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Kompost 3

Synesthetic 4

Studio Dan

Trio Trara

recently co-written/produced and/or mixed on
kerosin95 - Volume 1
Peter Rom - Wanting Machine
schtum - Sequencing Detachments
5K HD - Creation Eats Creator
Synesthetic 4 - Ah Wow Ha
Pneuma feat. Manu Mayr - Intangible
Jazzorchester Vorarlberg - Leelah
5K HD - Consider (Single)
5K HD - Off And On (Single)